Saturday, September 20, 2008

This Blog is Casual and Smart

Get your own Poll!

After 1 month and 12 days of duration, 31 votes and 54% of majority; here now are the results of the first ever poll of this blog.

The Question: What do you think of this blog?

Your Responses:
Geeky and Hardcore – 0 percentage of votes
Irrelevant and a waste of Time – 10 percentage of votes (ouch)
Boring and Senseless – 10 percentage of votes (another ouch deary)
Insightful and Informative – 26 percentages of votes
Casual and Smart – 54 percentages of votes ( woot woo!)

Suffice to say, majority still think the blog is still worth reading or even a seconds or minute of reload.
Thanks to all who responded!

Now, for my next poll question-

After the loud Brian Gorrell blog, covered by some high profile issues of blogging in Thailand; the question is this

Online Blogs – Good Media or Bad Media?

Throw in your two cents now or simply click for your stand on my poll area at the side bar.
Much Thanks!


wanderingcommuter said...

whats with the brian gorrell and thailand thing?

RONeiluke, RN said...

yep! anong meron dun kay gorrel and thailand? i'm surprised na may bumoto na senseless at boring tong site mo? hmmm...

it's really smart. and informative :)

peace out!

georgemaldita said...

Congratz!! I'm one of those who voted for Casual and Smart.. :D

MORE.. MORE.. MORE of your nonsense i mean hilarious blogs Denis.. hehehe..