Friday, September 19, 2008

Reality Show Hosts at Emmys 2008

Emmy Awards The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards for television will take the center stage this coming Sunday, September 21. I am highly anticipating this year’s academy because five of America’s ace reality shows hosts will serve as masters of the ceremonies. Ryan Seacrest ( American Idol) who had a solo steer wheel at last year’s Emmys will return as host this year with Heidi Klum, ( Project Runway)Tom Bergeron,(Dancing with the Stars) Howie Mandel, (Deal or no Deal?) and Jeff Probst, (Survivor). Exciting right?

The five hosts promise to make fun of one another so as to get away from the usual journalism style of hosting. They are all out to keep the show lively and put the crowd’s attention to the worthy nominees. Another great thing is that Emmys will now give worthy honor to Reality show hosts which I think is right because television has been twisted in a very good taste as reality shows came in. The guys were asked if they will take Klum’s advice on what to wear, they all agreed to follow through.

I hope my favorites will take home the awards.
So, who’s your Academy bet? Did I hear House? Oh You say Ugly Betty? Ahh, she's rooting for Brothers and Sisters. =)


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