Friday, September 26, 2008

Who's The Biggest Loser?

Whenever I see this segment “Spoiled Brat” in GMA 7’s Bubble Gang, I can’t help but really laugh. Ogie Alcasid and Michael V simply contain that natural bliss of humor and “bastardom”. But seeing through the bigger picture, there should be a substantial thought underlying the most prevalent catch phrase of the segment – “Yaya… You’re such a loser!”

The term LOSER is quite a “word fad” these days. But, how do we really define the term? Aside from the party who loses a game or a competition, what are the other connotations attached to being a LOSER? Going back to “Spoiled Brat”, Does the portrayed character of Michael V defines a loser? A native maid with a not so familiar accent and dated fashion choice with a not so flattering body figure – do all these define that LOSER term? For me, it’s a little offensive and highly stereotyping.

When you are an individual who termed someone a loser, it automatically means that you look at yourself superior enough to be on top of other people. It basically dictates that your mind is working on the thought that you are better than others. Be it better in the way you dress, talk, or maybe better by figures of your wealth or level of education. Certainly, no one in the right mind would utterly say they are better than others. But, I’m sure these thoughts linger in people’s minds. I think this thought is a significant pigment of our confidence.

Do we term a loser by non conformity in social norms; or maybe because they won’t agree with our ideas? Do we call someone a loser because of mere physical traits or we call someone a loser because however we see all the angles, we conclude that we simply don’t like that someone. With me, lost in these thoughts of how to define a loser makes me a loser myself?

If the world is all about comparison, then maybe each one of us is a loser; because in the subliminal egoistic world, no one wants to be beaten out without a fight.


Abou said...

i think ogie and bitoy deliver that segment with such effective humour. for quite sometime, ive been following angelina and yaya's travails on the boobtube. and it paints a sad picute of how brats treat their yaya's.

by the way, hindi ako nag ka yaya

Lance said...

am a fan of bubble gang too...
yeah, i find that term very offending as well...
the word 'amputangina' is also very very offending for me.. probably because it's not used here in cebu.. bisaya kasi kami.. so ang version namin dito ay..

ATAY! (plague)
KAYATA! (rape)

sa ilonggo...

YUDIPUTA! hehehe


i find the content of this post really amazing... that just had given me a deeper view on why not use the word LOSER again.

acey said...

i really don't like it when people call other people "loser". kids these days use that word much. :(

sayang, di na mag-play ang tv clip. mukhang funny sana. :)

Roland said...

agree din ako... parang ine-encourage na show how kids should treat their yaya's... sa totoo lang, walang moral ang show!

danieljr said...

para tuloy nakatuwaan na your like mejo cool when u say loser or what. haha

RONeiluke, RN said...

hehehe! people say the word because it sounds cool but the meaning is just not :)

don't just say loser especially to suicidal people. baka kasi magpakamatay sila. hehe!

omg. nandito pala si kris jasper! hahaha!

i love bitoy's humor. he never failed to make me laugh. hahaha!

georgemaldita said...

I only watched that in you tube cause my niece Hazel keeps on saying "Loser" with her right L-hand on her forehead.. She looks funny though cause she's only two years old..

But we also keep on telling her not to say that because it's bad..

That's how media can influence us specially the inocent ones..
I think they can also be funny using good values and not the other way around.