Friday, September 12, 2008

Survivor Philippines

survivor philippines

After the many franchises done here in the Philippine shores of American reality shows, my nightmare now came into being. Survivor, the pioneer of all reality shows now has its Philippine version. Come September 15, the 39 days worth of shooting and challenges will be shown in GMA 7. The Philippine version has Thailand as the setting. Island Kol Tarutao looks all unfamiliar and Asian which makes the cinematography of the show expensive like how it should be. I have seen how GMA 7 made reality shows and I am hoping that this franchise will be a good one.

The plugs and TV promos look promising. I also heard from one review that the owners of Survivor trademark were amazed by the craftsmanship of GMA crew when they made the Tribal Council from basically nothing. Makes us proud right? Well, small Filipinos can make a house out of tarpaulins so what more if all grand tools are available?

PHP 3,000,000.00 Tax Free is the best catch in this reality show. If I am one of the finalists, I will do everything in my power and capabilities to win it. The 18 castaways themselves are interesting. It is a truly diverse group of people from yaya to mechanic and lingerie model. I will try to follow the show, but I doubt that I can follow through and through because the elclaves house is basically a Kapamilya domain. But, we’ll see.

Here are the 18 castaways of Survivor Philippines!

Kristina "Kaye" Alipio, lingerie model

Leona Rica "Nikki" Dacullo, call center agent

Jervy "Patani" Daño, 20, babysitter

Veronica "Vern" Domingo, 29, taekwondo coach

Vevherly Gador, 20, student

Chevyline "Chev" Macias, 26 years old, former GRO

Zita Ortiga, 46, laundrywoman

Maria Nona "Niña" Ortiz, designer/wellness coach

Anna Charisse Yacapin, 26, product officer

Marlon Carmen, 30, waiter

Crisanto "Cris" Cartagenas, company driver

Emerson Dino, 31, technician

John Anthony Lopez, 27, auto mechanic/model

Raymund Francis "Kiko" Rustia, model

Cesar "Gigit" Sulit, 48, web designer/mountaineer

Robert Vincent "Rob" Sy, sales officer

John Carlo "JC" Tiuseco, 23, basketball player
Reynaldo "Jace" Chanco Flores, Jr., Hunky Martial Arts/Gym Instructor

Paolo Bediones is hosting the show, so Apir tayo dyan!


salingPUSA said...

Good thing local stations are now looking outward and experiment on new things. For sure I will not be able to see this show a lot because all the people around me watch the other channel. Still Good luck to GMA. Their success is the success of all Filipinos.

Lance said...

sana meron ding teleserye na parang LOST and theme... hehehe

leviuqse said...

i hope they made it right, i'm a fan of survivor series

Abou said...

me mga katawan? aba'y manonood ako nyan! ha ha

B E N C H said...

cool! sana makapnood ako ng episodes..