Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Dark Knight

Im am so looking forward to seeing this newest franchise of the perpetual saga of Batman. The Dark knight is made more interesting as Heath Ledger plays the Joker character with more intensity and substance that it is deemed to surpass all actors who played the part before.

Here now is a series of photo teasers of the Dark Knight to Heath Ledger in his memorable last act in the industry of movies.

All kudos to Heath!


acey said...

interesting nga!!!

B E N C H said...

i can't wait to see this film!!!

georgemaldita said...

im so stupid!! i never new that health ledger is the joker in this film till i read this article of yours.. hehe.. thnx for the info..

georgemaldita said...

i want to add another comment on this post after seeing the movie.. Health is really really good portraing the joker character in the movie.. too bad he did not see the his own movie ;(