Saturday, July 12, 2008

K i d N a p

It was a long duration of agony.

ABS-CBN wished for a news blackout

But media pushed with their mantra

To let the people know what is happening.

Families were agonized.

The whole nation held their breath.

Some people sought the chance to brighten their names.

Negotiations were done.

Controversies spark.

Was there a ransom or not?

Ces Drilon with her team was freed.

The government currently holds a hardcore investigation

At the realm of having their lives as takes,

Encarnacion fueled his blodd of a real journalist.

He captured significant scenes of their captivity.

Snippets show very definitive shots.

The Department of Justice wants to delay its airing.


It’s pushing through.

a documentary that will show the nine days of captivity

of ABS-CBN Senior Correspondent Ces Drilon,

and her team by armed men in Sulu.

Sunday, July 13th at 10pm
ABS-CBN Channel 2.


acey said...

no story is worth a life, indeed. our professor in news writing (who's also an editor of a local daily) used to say the same thing, too.

a must-see, too, ne. thanks for sharing!!! :)

pakaleklalawak said...

I watched it last night and I am really very glad they made it safe.
I hope they be care next time. These kind of people cannot be trusted.....