Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Most Opinionated

After almost nine months of being in the Blogosphere, I would have to say that I learned a lot. Of course, there are people who came along teaching me and guiding me through every important detail that I need to know as a blogger. Coming with this duration, I would have to “believe” that I have already built some significant numbers of readers. (Yes, I have to believe some people actually read my blog.)
Blogging community in the Philippines alone is populated by more than 3 million online blogs which prompts every new blogger to find a distinct niche in building one. I have to say that there are a lot of blogs out there which never fails to amaze me, that’s why I keep on coming back. That is actually the key substance of having a great blog- having the readers coming back because you’re dishing out interesting stuff that can stimulate opinion and trigger thoughts.

I know I am way far from being a star blogger. It comes with the time and of course, reader base. As a simple blogger, its enough for me to get 50-60 hits a day. It’s a halleluiah moment to get 70 hits. (which is the maximum number I got so far.) My most favorite thing about this blog is when people leave their comments and opinion on what I wrote. It feels good when people share the same thought as mine. The same way that it feels challenging when they are challenged to give out their opinion and defy my opinion.

Now, to honor my most opinionated readers, I have installed this new widget in my blog tagged as “Most Opinionated”. For the past 9 months of blogging, I would like to thank the people who never fail to give me some lift. More kudos to you guys who go here on a regular basis to waste your time and realize at the end that you need to give out some blabbers from what I just posted.(Thinking about it, its not a wasted time at all.)

My Top 10 Most Opinionated Readers (as of the posting date.)

1. Bench – 25
2. The Dong – 16
3. Danieljr. – 16
4. Abou – 13
5. Kris Jasper – 11
6. Earvin – 11
7. Consistent anonymous – 10
8. Dazedblu – 10
9. Acey – 9
10. Eli – 8

I am humbled to know that somehow I have these people appreciating what I write. It inspires me to go on and search for innovative means to explore and bring some not so ordinary stuff in this blog. Here’s Denis saying “Maraming Salamat po at sana’y tuloy-tuloy kayong bumalik dito sa munti kong blog.”

And Oh, thanks Bianca Gonzales and Marilyn Monroe for the greetings! (hahaha, dream on)


eli said...

ako pala yong number 10! tnx and more power!

leviuqse said...

keep the good articles coming!

wag tumulad sa kin! loads of crappy posts!


more power!

dazedblu* said...

haha, may ganun? kalowka 'to cge I'll never comment nah, sikes :P