Thursday, July 31, 2008


Come August 8, ABC 5 will take its last airing and will bid a sign off. Now come August 9, a fresh new start will be taken by the company. TV5 will be the new brand of ABC 5. Still the Conjuancos will lead the network. This new station will bring a breather between the cliché -like programming of the two big rival networks ABS-CBN and GMA.
Included in their new set of programs are shows like “Chicklit” or Chic Literature produced in cooperation with Unitel productions. “Talentadong Pinoy” is a reality show program that is bound to give a break to the prevalence of foreign show franchising. Laurice Guillen, an acclaimed actress and director will host a program called “Hush Hush”. The whole station will only show 30 minutes of News bringing in more time and focus for entertainment.
After ETC went free TV; this shall mark another great vibe for the Filipino TV viewers. I can remember those times when Holy week comes in and you are left with no TV programs. I guess this scenario will never be felt again.

All heads up to the new TV5!

This is my 200th post. Whoa! Thanks guys for your continued readership. Please keep coming back!


dazedblu said...

I salute for a new change happening with ABC.. but I like ETC and C/S pa ren so far :)

acey said...

sounds good.

happy 200th post, denis! :)

ROneiluke said...

wow...sana mapaganda nila ang channel 5...nkulangan kasi ng attention hehe! thanks for posting...abangan ko to! (kapow!)

dailywalker said...

yup, SILLIMAN. haha... I use YM, yeah. my id's onigardnosil_77@

see ya there!

leviuqse said...

bye bye abc5

bring back DOCU!!!

happy 200th post dens!!!

keep on blogging!

Mighty said...

Aww! I felt sad when my friend told me ABC5 is closing down. Pero I guess this is an effort to improve things. Creative pa mandin ang TV5. Dami nilang concept na ginaya ng mga big channels!

And congrats sa 200th post!!

LESTER said...

still doubt that tv5 could withstand the competition.. they really have to offer shows that are unique but appealing.

anyway, congratz denis for the 200th post!

B E N C H said...

wow!! 200th post!! hehe.. congratulations..