Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Total Cigarette Ad Ban

Recently, broadsheet publications here in the Philippines have been populated by huge spaces of advertisements promoting cigarette products. For an instance, Winston cigarette changed its image from being an adult brand to a young and relaxed persona. They have done this through complex advertising efforts and loud exposure. Many cigarette companies have also bombarded the public with huge print ads and I was caught wondering why they are doing so. It got me thinking if there is already a peak season for cigarettes. This can’t possibly happen because here in the Philippines, cigarette smoking among users is as normal as brushing their teeth every after meal (or do they even brush?)
Then, finally today the paper answered all the questions in my mind. Starting today, there will be a TOTAL CIGARETTE AD BAN IN MEDIA. This means that advertisements of any cigarette company shall not appear in TV, Radio, and Print media. The ban is in accordance to the TOBACCO REGULATION ACT OF 2003 OR REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9211. This ban is highly expected to somehow diminish the many downside of having massive numbers of smokers in our land. Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines (FCAP) said that the ban shall also discourage the young market from being the top consumer of this perceived “commodity”. It has been so obvious that cigarette companies have been targeting the young market because they discovered the significant buying power of this market segment when it comes to cigarettes and alcoholic drinks.
I am one with the government on finally stepping up to this matter. I personally hate smokers who wouldn’t care if they are bringing negativity to the society. We shall all acknowledge the shouting fact that smoking is really a bad thing especially when it is already a habit or worst, an addiction. This is a non negotiable fact. Heavy smoking is not only harmful to human but to the environmental balance as well.(I’m sure we all know this; if you don’t, then go back to grade school and slap your science teacher.) I hope that this cigarette ad ban will prosper into better moves to totally stop cigarette companies from creating profits through smokers that have been slaves of vices and followers of deliberate environmental destruction.

teens are heavily influenced by cigarette ads in Asia.
CAMBODIA,INDONESIA,MALAYSIA,BURMA,and THE PHILIPPINES: in these countries, cigarette companies are among the top ten advertising spenders.

SOURCE: Philippine Daily Inquirer/News Section (Page A16)/July 1, 2008.


leviuqse said...

i am also for this one

i hate smoke

Makoy said...

ban na dapat yan. dito sa singapore yung mga paketa ng cigarettes may picture ng internal organs ng body na nabubulok. at ang mahal ng yosi dito.

eli said...

i don't smoke and so i support this campaign. sana taasan ang tax ng cigarettes

san ginez said...

smoking nowadays is not a habit but more of a social status symbol or pagiging "in", especially to those working in call centers.