Thursday, July 10, 2008

Don't Ask Me what Google can Answer

I heard this line from an officemate who said that this was once used by her friend as a status message in her YM. I immediately thought that its quite bitchy and a little too mean, but I think that its also truthful at the same time. The World Wide Webb has been gaining prominence as more and more people get wired. Internet providers are deliberately formulating more flexible systems which makes internet more close at hand.

Google for once has gained the top name in being the most admired company in America. Also, Google has been leading the way in almost all aspects of internet domain. There has been news circulating around saying that Google has already merged with Yahoo. This is one big shake in the digital world because the two giants have been in a scorching beat since internet was born. The two companies are currently working on shared ideas of online advertising that may lead to more creative means.

Moving along, to say that Google can provide almost all the answers to our questions is quite an understatement. Google power many online sites that has been gaining more and more power over the whole face of the Internet. Friendster is just one of the said online sites; and have you heard about it lately? If not, well maybe you’ve done too much of curling your hair.
So, next time you have a question in mind or anything that bugs you, try some clicks in the net and Google it out and avoid asking Know-it-all bastards for information you can actually extract from the web. Trust me, it will gain you more credibility that way.


acey said...

gotta love your last, 1-liners, ma. :D

acey said...

man, i mean


if only im still a student, i could answer my assignments without hassles.

why was the net invented 2 decades late?

dazedblu* said...

just once i agree,

val said...

Thanks for pointing that out. =))