Wednesday, July 16, 2008

got Cracked again.

Who told you that riding FX with busted windows while storm Helen is gracing the whole country with her bitchiness is a good idea? Who told you to wear those filthy sneakers knowing that you will chase wet and really, soaking wet pavements? And who told that there wouldn’t be any fiesta of umbrellas?
Man, this day indeed started bad. Thanks so much to you Helen. I always loved the rainy season but I never liked getting wet. Oh well, I can’t go ranting against the force of nature. That’s just not right, right?

So, here I am shamefully late for work and wet like as if I used myself to dry up the salivating mouth of a pervert. People of authority are actually saying that there will still be tons of storms to hit our land and some are even predicting that some earthquake will brush the Philippines away from the map. Gosh Lordly. Hang on for the former and pray that these douche bags are wrong for the latter.

On weathers like this one, I can’t help but really get cold and this eventually leads to massive repetitions of “wee wee” moments; especially now that I actually formed this habit of drinking 20 glasses of water in a daily basis. Also, I have this habit of peeing first in Jollibee before I ride the train on my way to the office and pee in Gateway before I ride my bus on my way home. It feels strange that I normally do this. Sometimes, it gets me thinking if I’m doing any justice for these establishments as I consider them as my huge comfort rooms.

I know, my thought is a little lame. Blame it to the weather. But tell me what your opinion on this is? Oh well, got some presentation tomorrow, better get working now.

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Abou said...

i guess storms are acts of balancing nature. somehow they serve purpose i cannot fathom, maybe science could

markus said...

I missed this kind of weather. Cool, sentimental, whiny, pensive, light rain kind of weather. And it's the only reasonable excuse I can think of to wear my sweaters. Teehee.

Btw, stumbled upon your blog from hmm... don't remember. :p

georgemaldita said...

i just rememeber when "storm Helen is gracing the whole country with her bitchiness" as you've said, i asked you "who is helen denis?" hahaha.. but i love that day cause someone offered me his jacket cause i said "lamig".. of course i didn't take it.. my comment for the storm helen?? "I LOVE THE RAIN".. :)

ROneiluke said...

i love diane kruger..hays...hehe