Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy One Year!

I still can remember the first day we met. That time, I was still not too confident if I am the right one for her. I’m not certain if I can really serve her well or give her what she needs. But then again, I thought she will not accept me if she thinks I’m way too inferior for her class. So, there I was, enjoying every moments with her. I would see her everyday and I always try my best to accomplish every task that she can possibly require.
Then finally, time came when I was already feeling relaxed and okay with everything that we have. It feels like home and the comfort that she brings is something that I can compare to a family. I would have to say in a very high school fashion that “We clicked!” I came to realize that God really heard my simple request of giving me what I deserve. He listened to me when I asked him to give me something that I can grow with. And yeah, I found it all.
Now, that it has been a year and I am still nostalgic of that first few weeks; those days when I still have to tip toe like a child who just learned how to walk. I’m glad that I am walking with you and I am thankful that you are walking with me.

To you Alchemy, Thanks for the whole year of welcoming me to your ever warm and genuinely happy house of creative, witty and good looking people!

More power and more years to come!


georgemaldita said...

Congrats!! Keep it up!! Good job:D