Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Skinny on Me

When the culture of skinny jeans hit Manila, I thought that soon guys will flaunt it all the way and all that I can see are masculine people walking around with tight jeans on their well-built thighs. I thought I’d never buy the idea of wearing skinny jeans. I mean, I can’t visualize myself sporting the Maroon 5 look. I am not a natural fashionista and I’m okay with that.I am not really the typical being who follows everything that David Beckham wears.

I would have to say that I am someone who wears stuff that is comfortable and easy. I am on the basic side of clothing up and I like everything neat and simple. The cliché of dressing up to impress was never a mantra for me. I will not buy brands to brag and I will never dress to flaunt.
To say that I never show off depicts the humility part, but really it’s not my thing to seriously brag.

There are people whom I know will splurge for clothes just to fit in the Gossip Girl culture and be as queer as they can get. Well, it doesn’t apply to me. To look pleasing is enough for me.

Then one time my neighbor offered me this good quality of a semi skinny jean that is relatively cheap plus it is on an installment basis. The jeans looks really promising and I can see myself wearing it with ease. So there I was, somehow having the skinny on me.

Fits me right? Better see me. Ha Ha Ha.


B E N C H said...

i have four pairs of skinny jeans and three pairs of straight cut jeans..
at first, it seems like wearing the skinny is somewhat uncomfortable..
but after getting used to it, i now feel uncomfortable wearing the straight cut..

wanderingcommuter said...


guilty: i am wearing one now...hahaha!

dazedblu* said...

Geez.. I have two pairs of skinny jeans and the rest are straight cut.. I like straight cut than tights, while in just a peek of flaunting it. I Luv Skinny jeans.

Oh btw. Viktor jeans is one of the best brands fer guys! I'm sure you'll love it!

Anonymous said...

I don't have skinny jeans but I do have slim cut jeans.. Ayoko na ngang magsuot ng straight cut eh.. Hehe.. I like the feeling of jeans-hugging-my-butt-and-crotch.. Hehe.. Slim cut, for me, is the compromise between skinny and straight cut.. Hehe..

val said...

I think skinny jeans impart a sexy look when carried with confidence but can be really uncomfortable if one is unable to carry it off with ease. Right? hehe But i love skinny, kaya lang, i dont wear them na e, minsan na lang. Im back at my old jeans,straight cut! hehe =))

georgemaldita said...

denis?? in skinny jeans?? can't wait to see you wearing that.. hehe..
see you soon:D