Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LIFEHOUSE Live In Manila!

“ hay, Ang gwapo! Ang gwapo!” ( sigh… So handsome! So handsome!)

Yes, these are words of my sister as Jason Wade and the rest of Lifehouse band went up on the Araneta stage and started playing their elusive hit “Spin” for their opening song. Everyone was mesmerized. I was still trying to defy the surreal feeling of actually seeing them perform in live vocals and strums of their guitars.

With his simple ensemble, Jason Wade looked so fierce in white shirt, brown bell bottoms and matching brown suede shoes. The band has this natural charisma. The rapport with the audience is just so natural. Jason Wade pointing his fingers to every side of the stage makes you feel appreciated. The warm welcome of the audience is so evident. It also came so visual that the band dished out the best performance they can possibly give that night.

The audience is singing with them all throughout. The crowd got so ecstatic in songs like “Whatever it takes”, “You and Me”, and of course “Hanging by a moment”. Jason said that it has been three years since they last performed “Blind”. They heard that Filipinos loved the song, so they included it in the entourage. So how’s that? It was their first time in the Philippines and I’m sure the Filipino audience made quite a mark.

It was a bummer that they did not perform my favorite Lifehouse song “Everything”. But logic came to me that the melody is not apt to the genre of their whole set. Thinking about it, the night was really worth keeping up for. It was a fast show because no front act was included. Swift but sweet; the band finished off with their newest song from the album “Who we are”. Broken is currently ruling the local radio waves.

Admirable Act: Jason Wade taking photos of the audience while still performing on stage. According to him, he will upload it in his Myspace account.

Spotted: Anne Curtis and Sam Milby, Vicky Belo and Heiden Ko, Wendy and Bruce, Chico and Delamar.


LESTER said...

too bad i was not able to watch the show. heard it was one concert to beat! good review though! sana may picture ka ni anne cortis! hahah

i meant the spelling of cortis like that. ;)

dazedblu said...

Hey have seen the concert too! Tht wuz a nice concert but my straw are chasing fer Daughtry.

See yew tonight if you'll be there :)

O2 said...

I watched their concert at araneta last saturday! Astig! They sounded great, they worked up the crowd and I was so ecstatic during the concert. Lifehouse rocks!

O2 said...

I wish they could come back again for another concert. Saglit lang kasi yung concert, nkkbitin

the menace said...

@ o2 : ey maybe u can send me ur link too. planning to add u in my links. thanks!

ROneiluke said...

sayang naman di nila tinugtog yung everything...yun ang isa sa paborito kong kanta nila...pati 'take me away' hehe!...just love their alternative music....thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

YAY! I also watched! This is actually my third day of hangover! xD Wow, feel ko patron tickets ung binili niyo! Upper B lang kami eh, naubusan kami ng upper A.. Pero, sheesh, super nice.. Iba talaga 'pag liiiive. :)

leviuqse said...

the concert was bitin!!!

bring them back here!

the menace said...

@roneiluke : man they performed take me away too. i just missed including it on the post.

B E N C H said...

i didn't get to watch it menace :(