Friday, July 11, 2008

Gosh Gas Baby

Fuel prices are on the inner lime light now. Everybody has their own two cents of this issue. The social class seems to be irrelevant as anyone can feel how hard it is to live in our country. It’s not a joke to see general commodities with oh so high prices. News has it that MRT and LRT stations are having these problems of overloading as more and more private car owners resort to commuting.

EDSA has been a little roomy as the number of cars lessens.
The transport groups are not so happy with the sudden demand for commuting vehicles. The government has been too stiff in giving the sector the fare hike they have long been asking for. I am a commuter myself. I certainly don’t have any problem with fare hike for as long as it is granted by the government. The transport sector people are also individuals with life to run and families to feed, so its not too much for them to ask for something that can somehow get them through a day without extreme hunger. And did I just sound too stiff on this part?

Alongside the soaring prices of fuel is the relevant drop of car manufacturer sales. Many people bought bicycles for the past few months to stay away from expensive gas and yo-yo price of fares. Just this morning, I have seen car manufacturer ads that banks on the ability of their cars to save more fuel. Izusu for once is saying that they are offering “Less fuel for longer distance.” The substance behind the claim is that their vehicles can run 16.15 kilometers in just one liter of diesel. Now, I’m sure other car brands will soon follow suit.

I aim to drive my own ride when I’m 24 or maybe 25. Now that is 3-4 years from now. I am hoping with all fingers crossed (that includes toes too and my mom’s fingers) that fuel price then will be economical that it can fit into my prevailing salary by that time. If this turns into something impossible, I might just pursue this driving dream in a foreign land.


dazedblu* said...

I strongly agree.. but then I prefer to ride a booze than a fully-loaded MRT.

Abou said...

goodluck sa ating lahat. it seems we are bracing for a harder time.