Friday, June 20, 2008

Bagong Simula

Another milestone for the face of Philippine Television is being set by ABS-CBN as they launch the “Walang Iwanan sa Bayan ni Juan” project. This program aims to uplift the Filipino spirit and bring out fresh hopes that amidst the entire crisis, there still exists the promise of new tomorrow. With the slogan “Bigyan ng bagong simula ang ating bayan” ; a music video was made to intensify the program and gain more affiliations primarily the youth. ABS-CBN is now celebrating its 55 years of prolific television business not just here in the country, but worldwide. With the power of media in influencing opinions and sometimes, the very lifestyle and mindset; this campaign shall help the government bring out a patriotic energy to the people.

Whoah! I sounded really journalistic here, but really with no pun intended I am one with the hope for the new Philippine beginnings.

Kudos also to those fellows who are working abroad! You guys fuel the Philippine economy through your dollar remittances. This really makes me feel proud about my tatay and other family and friends in foreign lands!

Yes indeed, Mabuhay kayo!

Here now is the music video originally produced by ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation. The artists are Yeng Constantino, Kitchie Nadal, Marc Abaya of Kjwan, Kevin Roy and Yael Yuson of Sponge Cola; plus other Pinoy bands and musicians. See the superb visual artistry of this video as other ABS-CBN stars show their support for the worthy campaign


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