Monday, June 23, 2008

Star Bloggers in Asia

It has been said over and over again since internet became too ubiquitous- Blogs now can equal the reign of traditional media. True to the sentiment; because blogs can easily put up updates on the currents events and minute by minute get go since internet has become so powerful. Not to mention the many numbers of blog hosts that can help any blabber mouths transform their words into something worthy to read.

Hence, I bring to you the so- called stars of Asia when it comes to the crap oh I mean craft ( no pun intended) of blogging! This has been originally compiled by Shefali Rekhi of the Straits Times/Asia News Network in Singapore. The article appeared on the “Talk of the Town” segment of the Opinion page of Philippine Daily Inquirer under Editor Juan V. Sarmiento Jr. dated June 22, 2008 (Sunday).

Bryan Boy
Web developer-turned-fashion writer
Blog address:
Blogs about: Fashion, accessories, pop culture
Popularity: 180,000 visitors a day

Xu Jinglei, 34
Blog address:

Blogs about: Her work and daily life
Popularity: Page views of more than 149 million since October 2005
Hu Jia-wei (Wanwan), 27
Comic artist
Blogs about: Everyday life
Popularity : Has drawn more than 120 million visitors since October 2004

Lee Kin Mun, 38
Full-time writer/Podcaster/TV host
Blogs about: Current events, music, gadgets, family
Popularity: About 10,000 people read his blog daily

Naoto Amaki, 60
Former ambassador to Lebanon
Blogs about: Diplomatic and political affairs
Popularity: Figures among the top 10 political bloggers in the country

Amit Agarwal, 31
Personal technology columnist
Blog address:
Blogs about: Technology

Ahiruddin Attan, 47
Former editor of Business Times and Malay Mail
Blog address:
Blogs about: Political affairs
Popularity: Has attracted more than 4.3 million visitors since May 2006