Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ces Drilon-The Journalist

I wouldn’t question the credibility of those who negotiated for the release of Ces Drilon and her team. I wouldn’t insist that surely
ABS-CBN paid the ransom money. I wouldn’t insist that Ces might have been abused way beyond slaps or punch. I wouldn’t speculate on the real reason why they have been freed that easy.( Not that I want them to stay as captives) And certainly, I wouldn’t insist that the kidnappers agreed to free them in exchange for some livelihood projects and their so-called “Humanitarian” principles. I wouldn’t shed bad light to their release. But, we can’t all help but wonder how was they released? What could be the real reason?
Ces said in her interview that somehow she can see some logic to why their kidnappers do what they do. According to her, she saw how hard food and basic necessities are in that area. Not to mention, the “Jurassic” breed of insects and mosquitoes. Hygiene is basically immaterial in that kind of life. But Ces nevertheless justified the kidnappings, killings and bombings allegedly caused by these groups. Really, its never right to justify what is utterly wrong.
According to Ces, she realized to give more value to her life and people around her who suffered the ordeal of her incident. She now knows that a news story is not as valuable as life and family. I am so glad that they were freed. I am also glad that Ces had some time to realize that journalism can be really possessive of ones logic and judgment.
Ces appeared in the television full of rashes and insect bites. She even joked a bout her one toe nail that went black. She was indeed tired and really distracted. Our prayers still lie on the ex-captives’ welfare. I hope Ces will soon be back on television because I can’t wait seeing her flaunting that bandana and nice clothes again.

To God be the Glory!


dazedblu* said...

was it really that an issue? honestly such things like this is nut new for us... we may kno years before tht other respective reporters in our shores and even in the foreign fields accidentally nor incidentally suffers from this ordeal, hmmm.

probably the hunger for real issue of reporting is at stake, but the exclusivity of certain subjects affects them a lot by nut considering other factors and by merely pushing on through it without hesitating the concerns of other and their fate leads in exchange of this thinking.

wanderingcommuter said...

well, i think all we can think of as of the moment is that they're all alive and in safety...

Coldman said...

good thing she's safe now.