Saturday, June 28, 2008

Richard Gutierrez for Flawless

I have been seeing these teaser billboards of Forever Flawless around the Metro for quite some time. The message of the advertising is “Only a Real Gentleman can wear Pink”. The message is quite easy to get- they are about to launch a male celebrity endorser with the initials of RG. Richard Gomez went to my mind first knowing that he is currently into Belo Medical Group. (The mother company of Flawless) To my surprise, I recently saw this billboard in EDSA showing Richard Gutierrez as the first male endorser of Flawless. I would have to say that he has what it takes to represent the brand because he is physically pleasant plus he has a very masculine persona as perceived by the public. As for Richard Gomez; is it way past his reign? I haven’t seen him lately on TV. I guess it’s true that celebrities have this 2 month long duration of popularity; and if you’re not lucky to set a lasting mark, you’ll get back to shedding umbrella from the limelight.

Flawless is a very feminine brand. The company might have noticed the huge population of Metrosexuals ( isang metro na lang, homo sexual na.) and see it as a great market to target. Indeed, men are really getting more vain and conscious about their looks. It has also been found out by this much known Whitening cream brand that male market dominates their consumption surveys.

To look pleasant is actually a great thing but being vain is another story. I’d say its still better to look naturally good looking than artificially crafted. We wouldn’t want to intimidate women by our skin which looks more flawless than what they have right? So tame it down you little drag queen to be.



Jules said...

Ya know it's bad enough that me get more handsome (IMHO) as they age and women,,,well we just age.

The last thing I want to see is a man who has flawless skin!!

Gimme a break. Competition is bad enough with the youngsters, don't throw men into the mix!