Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Strange Callers

I am a Sun Cellular user for quite some time now and after purchasing a new phone two years ago, I decided to have Globe too. I don’t know, it was the hype of unlimited texting services when I decided to purchase a Globe SIM. My college block mates are actually teasing me of being outdated with the latest happenings in our class because I am not included in their thread of messages or what they normally call as “group message” or GM. Globe users in our class occupies like 75% of the population of the entire block. Worst, they are considering my number as a “virus” in the thread. Now, what am I supposed to do? I was the class president that time and missing out on the latest happenings will surely make me look unreliable. Most of my friends that time are using Sun Cellular and of course, I don’t want to compromise my social life. I have decided to joggle two lines, and yeah waste money for text and calls by loading two lines all at the same time.

It was not much of a deal because that time I was working and studying so I really need to keep up with my friends through SMS and calls. Now, that I have this dual-SIM phone; I still keep my two lines. Both of them are still very active. I am just so annoyed with scams and SMS advertising SPAMS. With my Sun Cellular, I usually get text messages that are obviously not for me. I also receive messages of hello, Good morning up until Good evening. Sometimes, I get calls from people with weird vernacular accents asking me to be their phone pals. Gosh. Please. I am actually thinking now of acquiring a new Sun Cellular number to get rid of these unwanted “digital eavesdroppers”

Certainly, I am glad for the Unlimited services of Phone lines here in the Philippines. Having a phone in my hand really makes the world smaller and the thumb bigger. Ha Ha Ha.



naalala ko yung time na di pa uso yung mobile phones... di maxadong magastos yung buhay....