Monday, June 2, 2008

The Click Five live in Manila!

After the long and sarcasm-filled negotiation for tickets from my super friend April, I finally juiced up 3 tickets from her for the Click Five “Modern Times, Great Minds” world tour Concert. For this, I would like to thank my Anne Curtis look-a-like friend with all smiles and cheers. (With lots of pun intended) So there I was with my two buddies hopping our way to Araneta Coliseum last Friday (May 30) to rock out with the newest Beatle band of our modern times. It’s a little queer you might say for 3 guys to watch this beautiful group of boys in a concert; but were in it for the music and not for their skinny jean and long gorgeous hair. (Oh, did I just sound queer there?) From our seats, you can clearly notice that the entrance of the concert viewers is very deliberate. We even planned to tag the concert with “see you on the Flopside”; but man, we were stunned to see Araneta filled with beaming faces. All seats were occupied as the first front act started playing. Lala is the newest Kitchie Nadal and I was really amazed by her vocal prowess. Not to mention her good looks, she has it all going with her well-written songs. It’s a great way to start the concert. It was such a thrill when she started strumming in with her acoustic of Click five’s Jenny. Next stuff, the Banda ng bayan made their way on the stage with their newest member on vocals, Jason Fernandez. Not to shed some bad light to the band, but its really quite an uncomfortable sight seeing them without Rico Blanco. (Worst is them cracking some unlawful jokes.) It was still a topnotch part when they did a medley of the past hits of Rivermaya; man, that was nostalgic. After the set of Rivermaya, a long agonizing wait came in. It was such a long sound check and we even planned to take our early exit. I was so tempted to start the boo boos but then again I thought I waited that long just to be crashed by some uniformed man outside the big dome. Then after some 30 minutes or so, the curtains are set and an Audio Visual presentation was played showing Click Five’s vignettes of their worldwide tour. It was actually a stunner because the bed music was so loud and empowering. Then the curtain vanished and the band started playing “Flipside”. It is really different seeing them perform their hits live than hearing it from canned materials. They also rocked out some hits from the Beatles and Michael Jackson. My favorites Empty, Happy birthday, Just the girl,and Jenny were performed with outmost stance and glory so I have to rate the concert with bright shining stars.

I know anyone who attended the concert will say the same thing-that they really stoned the namesake of being the “Click” five. Fierce baby! Fierce! (Click Five members are Kyle Patrick, Eric Dill, Ethan Mentzer, Joey Zehr, Joey Guese and Ben Romans.)


Anonymous said...

like their song "jenny" kewl :D

Kris Canimo said...

mas gusto ko yung dati nilang vocalist.. tska ung mga kanta nila dun sa albym na songs from imrie house ba un. maxado nang pa pogi ung dating nila. haha

dont forget august 14. :D panic at the disco!