Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am the Bad Guy

Because it was Manila day yesterday, I got to spend some quality time with my family. My sister and I with our nanay went out for lunch and some shopping. We also planned to have a massage but time is actually limited so we just decided to visit Sean and Santino in our sister’s house which is just near our place. I missed the boys even if they were just in our house 3 days ago. Who would not adore them? They are really nice kids and this early, I can tell that both of them will grow as intelligent and as adorable as myself ( pagbigyan na!)
Contrary to this thought, I remember this one time when my nanay and I went home from the grocery. We were carrying loads of items and we have to walk some distance towards our house. There was this annoying kid neighbor (who is not pleasing to the eye) who keeps on bugging my nanay telling her why she did not bought her stuffs like Kit-Kat, Toblerone and Pringles. I just ignored him thinking that maybe this is just one of the kids in the neighborhood who is friendly to my mom. When we reached our doorstep, it has been too evident that my nanay is already annoyed because she was already raising her voice.
That was my cue to stop and stare. This time the kid shifted his attention to me. He said Hi and I gave him this very painful anger of sight. He then turned to his companions ( yeah, this bastard has companions or legions must I say?) and said: Tara na nga! Ang sama ng tingin saken ng isang to eh!(Lets go this guy is looking at me so bad!)
This time, I grew so furious! No one has talked to me like this before. I immediately responded: Taran**** ka ah! Sino ka ba sa akala mo?! Lumayas ka nga dito! ( You bastard! Who do you think you are?! Go away!) That time, I can see how scared the kid was. Hes about to cry and all of his legions are quiet. He run away and his legions followed his way. I was a little guilty about the whole thing but I thought he deserved it. I was actually prepared to face his parents but the day ended and no one brought war into my face.
Now, every time I see the kid, he’ll come running into some place to hide. Did I just brought him some trauma? I think not because he still run around our neighborhood doing same thing to others. Fierce guts Id say!


leviuqse said...

well we have to bring our inner monster sometimes...

loving your blog too!!!

sure we can xlink ^^

georgemaldita said...

well no wonder ur the bad guy.. yeah the BAD GUY,, even when we were in college.. hehe.. peace man.. :D