Thursday, June 12, 2008

Liberate and Get a Job!

What a pleasant treat for every commuting Filipinos today, MRT and LRT gave away free rides on certain hours today. I was also glad to see that not so many people rode the train today. On the flip side, I was late today for work. Anyhow, it is still great to remember the heroic acts of our great brothers in the past. For them, Kudos and Mabuhay!

Now, I don’t really intend to make a good-all-independence day post today. I actually have this classified ad to show to you guys. I can’t remember the date though. So, if you are a fresh grad who is still seeking for a job, you might consider applying to this one. But, then again, I would suggest you think twice.


wanderingcommuter said...

funny because my friend actually referred to me this ad in their company a month before and honestly, i am really considering it....before. hehehe!
added you already!