Friday, June 27, 2008

An Open Letter to a Bastard

Dear You,
After that really fierce argument we had, you know I never really cared anymore. The ordinary scene is you passing by in my existence as a hallow air or dust annoyingly scattered everywhere. That’s actually my new mantra- to keep you as a non-existent, head flying around me to which I don’t give any damn care. Good for you that some people can still manage to talk to you and check how you are doing. Lame you for not realizing that your insensitive stance brings a lot of stress to others. Let me count the ways on how you are so damn annoying. You went out of school and practically tag yourself as the hardcore bum who will wake up late, look for food, paste your face on the TV then sleep again then eat again when you wake up. Mid- afternoon you will take a bath then go outside to mingle with you’re most outrageous friends that are as good as the last season of Twilight Zone. Then you’ll go back to eat and when I say eat it’s really EAT your dinner. Then glue your face again on the TV with your foot on the channel switcher. TV volume can go up whenever you say so. Then when all is on their bed trying to get some sleep after a day’s work; you go stamping your feet all around as if the earth is shaking. You will open every light there is.

You are not contented with that, you will rave the kitchen then cook your heavy midnight snack and let the kitchen and the whole house be filled with the aroma of whatever out of this world dish it is your cooking. I am not telling you not to eat, but I hope you realize that gluttony is actually a sin. Worst of all, its so easy for you to force mom to give you money for you to keep your social life going through your filthy mobile phone that rings like hell loud.
Now, you know I can go on listing down your annoying stuff; but ill save it for the interest of keeping that little respect I still keep for you. Man, please grow up and acknowledge the fact that you are in the age where you are expected to grow some sense of responsibility. I am done caring for what you do. I have already built this huge defense that I will never grow annoyed at anything you do. For me, you’re basically insignificant, but I still hope God will still bless you.

Guess who?
It’s me! You bastard!


danieljr said...

yow bastard!!! :D