Saturday, June 14, 2008

Philippines got Talent?

Right after the somewhat successful duration of American Idol Season 7, Pinoy local channels are now taking the time to open up their reality search for singing stars. Pinoy Idol was the first one to hit its full duration on GMA 7. Like what I said before, the show really lived up to my expectation of being dull and bland. I was not hooked at all to the program unlike when ABC 5 was handling the show. During the time of Philippine Idol, contestants were really talented and they are really well-blessed with the talent. I believe that it is the judges that will really pave the way for this kind of show to shine. I don’t find Ogie Alcasid, Jolina Magdanagal and Wyngard Tracy a match to mantra set by Ryan Cayabyab, Pilita Corales and Francis Magalona during their time as judges in Philippine Idol. Pinoy Idol basically lacks the originality and freshness. Judges are purely criticizing the contestants and sometimes, comments can sound a little too conceited. Contestants of Pinoy Idol don’t look like stars even after some make over or something. I don’t see any talent in there that really deserves the title of being a nationwide Idol. Pinoy Idol host is a big factor for me to change channels every time he opens his mouth.

Crossing on to the other station, The Pinoy Dream Academy will open up their second season tonight. The finalists will be extracted into 14 which will enter the PDA school. I find the show very credible. Judges are very professional and subjective. There also exists the heart of the program. I am aware that the show is geared up towards building a multi media star and not just a mere singing idol that will be commercialized to sell canned music. I hope that PDA will be consistent on the current status of their program. I am looking forward to having a PDA grand winner that will surely be way up there compared to whoever will win Pinoy Idol. I also hope that Billy Crawford will do good at hosting the program, but Toni Gonzaga is there so how can you go wrong.

At the end of the day, people will look for more than just blabber mouths and pretty faces. They will search for more that just cultural relevance. Audience will look for quality and I find it unfair for some stations to undermine the intelligence of their audience.


danieljr said...

yeah, ewan ko lang ha, quality shows are abs shows nowadays. hehe. and hell yeah., PDA for the win!!

Makoy said...

pangit ng pinoy idol pati contestant pati judges pati host. lahat crappy