Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pornographic Tabloids

In a day, I always make sure that I will read/browse/doodle with the daily broadsheets to get the news for the day. I don’t have time to watch news in the evening or morning because I am busy watching TV series in DVDs and catching up on my readings. I could spend some 30 minutes to an hour reading the papers daily. Now, if I am reading papers for the news and entertainment updates, some people are patronizing the daily papers for some oblivious reasons. We are not talking about broadsheets this time. Tabloids of different shapes and sizes, color and content, news and not so worthy news, are scattered all over the metro. Tabloids in their very nature aim to sensationalize news item in the sole purpose to sell. Some tabloids are even selling different types of content in order to get “hardcore” patronizes.

We are all aware of pornographic tabloids circulating around the community. Many government moves have tried to stop these kinds of tabloids; but as they say, for as long as it sells the business will go on and flourish. Apparently, these kinds of tabloids really sell. I have witnessed vendors selling them all around. I have also seen people buying them. These tabloids are known to publish pornographic photos and bulks of writings about sex and none other less than sex.

There goes the impression that because sex is discreet in our Catholic orientation, it really sells. This is a fact that has long existed but is too irrelevant in our belief that’s why we keep mum about it. Certainly, our country will remain conservative about these issues. And this is actually a breeze knowing that legal prostitution and pornography will never exist here in the Philippines.


Rai said...

yeah your'e right kuya... i dont even know why our government is not making any action about this well, nakikinabang kasi sila :)

dazedblu* said...

I dunno cheaply stuff like are still mabenta for the masses esp. ung mga adek s sex, poor ones.

This things couldn't be stop until such circulation ends.. 90's pa ang issue na 'to actually 80's but until now may mga nakakalusot.

One of the lightly driven probs ng isang third world country 'yan. It's too bad, really really bad.

Anonymous said...

sad to say. sex really sells esp sa may metro area. I remember one day naglalakad ako sa may banawe ave then may news stand, yung headline sa isang tabloid is " perlas ni nene, nakuha na ni tatay" then I was like, huh?? pang headline na pala to ngayon. adik haha

Mica said...

Feeling ko meron silang cut dyan kaya hinahayaan na lang nila

Sa google, mas searcheable ang "sex" kaysa sa "money"