Tuesday, June 17, 2008

UP Padyak!

Before anything else, I have to clear it out that I was never a student of UP. I tried taking an exam there and got in. The only glitch though is that I passed in UP Baguio, and I was a little sceptical that time thinking that I am not yet ready to live alone. Oh well, until now I still live with my mom. Now going back, we are all aware that UP Diliman is really big. The entire university can only be explored through the aid of UP ikot jeepneys. Students who have classes from buildings to buildings which are a little far from each other need to ride these jeepneys. Great news for all UP students – as an addition to the already significant celebration of the UP Centennial, UP Mountaineers and other Alumni launched the UP Padyak Project. The project aims to help students become more mobile in travelling within UP premises. The colorful bikes add up to the real sincere and happy aim of the project. The people behind the project aim to keep it private as they try to defy any sponsorship deals from outsiders. I find this idea really cool and beneficial. It makes me want to go back in college and enrol myself in UP. Well, maybe MA degree there is quite feasible. J

Kudos to all UP geniuses and creative minds! Happy 100 years guys!

The UP Padyak Bicycle Rental Scheme

1.Currently enrolled students in UP Diliman are eligible for membership to the UP Padyak Program provided they pass all the requirements of the Health Checklist

2.Applicants must submit a photocopy of their ID, form 5 (upon completion of UP registration), and a completed application form and waiver.

3.The rental period is one semester or summer classes starting from the first day of UP registration to the last day of the final exams period. Please verify with the current academic calendar for the exact dates.

4.An introductory rental fee of P500 per semester shall be implemented for 1st Semester school year 2008-2009. The fee is non refundable and will be paid upon acceptance of the bicycle.

5.Interested students may reserve through www.padyak.org or email padyakbikes@gmail.com. Applicants must indicate their name, student number, college & degree, mobile number and email address.

6.Bicycle use will be limited to a boundary within the UP Diliman Campus. See the bicycle route map attached in the application form. The boundary was designed for the safety of the rider in mind. Using of the Padyak bikes outside the boundary will be strictly prohibited and guarded by the UP Police.

7.Helmets are mandatory. Applicants may bring their own helmet. The Padyak project can assist applicants where they can purchase helmets.

8.Applicants must be competent bicycle riders. Applicants are required to undergo biking skills assessment, attend the training for riding skills, safety and basic maintenance. Continuing members may not attend the training.

9.The bicycles provided are in good running condition. The member shall be responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing flat tires, maintenance of brakes and other minor items. There are three bicycle repair shops inside the campus as indicated on the bicycle route map.

10.All bicycles must be returned after the lease period. SMS any of the following numbers so the Padyak project management can make arrangements of receiving the bicycles and accessories:

0916 600 1225 c/o Jojo Gutierrez
0919 944 2160 c/o Peter Sy
0917 537 2690 c/o Louie Cruz
Or email
padyakbikes@gmail.com to arrange a return date and time.

Photo Credits: UPD-USC.net/livingplanet.blogspot.com
"The UP Padyak Bicycle Rental Scheme" from UPmencom.multiply.com


Abou said...

hindi pa ako nakaka apak diyan. sister ko up diliman dati

Myk said...

Done adding you in my blogroll :)

Anonymous said...

mukang masaya nga yang padyak thing na yan ah.. hmm, gusto ko tuloy dun, malay mo, may masters degree pa naman :D

gino said...

ei, this is gino of dailywalks.wordpress.com, (or just recently, dailywalker.lisondra.net), feel free to add me up bro, I've just added u in my blogroll... :D

yoshke said...

sana ito ang magstart ng bike culture sa pilipinas tulad sa europe!

wanderingcommuter said...

sayang masaya sa up baguio... hindi dahil bias ako pero dahil masaya talaga.

try ko ngang dumaan sana maka abot ako sa accomodation. hehehe