Monday, June 30, 2008

Hey Sir!

Dude, Bro or mister: these are the common “pet” names that we use to call our male friends or close guy friends. It has been so shamefully used that I have grown way past fascinated with them. So more often, I will tag them as “Sir” especially those new affiliates. The weird thing about this is that every time I will use it, people will go feeling a little violated. They are telling me that they are way too inferior to be tagged as such. Some are telling me that they are too young to be called sir. Many are telling me that they are younger than me for me to call them sir (Shameful bastards, but they have a point.)

It got me wondering because if it was me, I will be flattered if someone addresses me with “Sir”. It sounds so respectful and humble. It sounds so masculine like I have more than two balls. (Hey, stop dirty dirty thoughts you perv!) Sir is actually a term used to address guys who have been anointed by the Queen, like Sir Elton John and Sir Bono of U2. See? Isn’t that such an endearing term?

Suffice to say that I’m really a hard head; I still use “sir” to address male people. I think that its just proper; and its very male universal because you don’t have to gauge the character of anyone just to determine what pet name to call them- simply call them “Sir”.
This post goes out to those people I called Sir before, up until this very moment. Ha Ha ha