Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and the City Vs. Caregiver

Last Tuesday,I went out with my friends April and Milo to watch the Premiere of Sex and the City in Mega Mall. I was aware that this premiere will coincide Caregiver’s launch too which is starred by the equally “Mega Mall” star Sharon Cuneta. Yes, it was quite evident that Caregiver’s premier outshined Sex and the City. It is acceptable because stars will be attending the premiere of Sharon’s movie, so one would really expect a fan circus in there. Another thing is that these two movies cater to two different markets. Actually, I’ve seen the difference first hand that day. Moving on to the premier, Magic 89.9 DJs hosted the opening and I have to really commend them for carrying it out to the crowd beyond the fact that the movie wheel was yet to come. The supposed 8PM start transformed into 9PM. I should say that its worth the wait though. (Even if April bought me a Cheeseburger meal with small fries and drinks-man I was so bitin!) The crowd was so excited upon hearing that famous music popularized by the hit (yeah super hit) TV series Sex and the City. I have to admit that I am quite a fan and I was dancing my shoulders off in the opening part. The scenes were specially funny as gay viewers in our back made hilarious remarks on every dress and lines dished out in the movie- like when Carrie Bradshaw(Sarah Jessica Parker) appeared in this dress with a nice huge flower on the neck accent; they went “ ay ang taray ng bulaklak ni ate.” Ha Ha Ha.
The movie has a long duration but never would I say that there was any dull or dragging moment. It’s like Harry Potter spontaneity. There were scenes when I thought ending was near, but another story slope will come by. I am so into movies with candid plot and unpredictable maneuver. This is a feel good movie that is sparked by awesome humor and fine blends of dialogues. My favorite scene was Charlotte’s “defining” moment in Mexico after her jogging and Yuga session. Okay, I have to clip my mouth now and save some face for those who haven’t seen it yet. I’d tell you, it’s worth the time.
The morning after, April (or should I say Anne Curtis) called me to announce that I should start calling her names of all the beautiful women on earth because she finally got the Click Five tickets! Plus she has four tickets for the blocked screening of Sex and the City later at night in Glorietta. I wouldn’t mind watching the movie again because I liked it. I called my sisters to watch it with me but they declined my invite because it’s quite a long travel from our house to Glorietta. Well, watching the movie with a friend was not bad at all. And there it was, Ive seen Sex and the City twice. (And I might get invites pa from friends and I would love to watch it again.)
Thanks again to my super best friend April.( now, Anne Curtis, Bianca Gonzales, Sarah Mayer, Alexis Bledel, and all othe hot women on earth.) Yes, I know it April you’re so loving this.


RoRo said...

oh boy. can't wait for that freakin' 'sex and the city' be here at the suburbs. **sigh**

Abou said...

tagal ko na di nakaka panood ng sine hu hu.

i have to go to iloilo city pa para makapanood lang


Anonymous said...

Oooohhh. I am so loving this talaga! Imagine being the most beautiful woman in your eyes even for just a while. I know it changed the moment the ticket was in your hands..haha..anyways, so worth it :-) Don't worry, next time, you'll get more from this but then again..I'm on my way to say goodbye to your benefits..hehe