Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lucky Raymond Gutierrez

Pinoy Idol will hit the Philippine television tonight on GMA 7 and some are saying that it is highly anticipated. I am not really that excited about the show. I don’t see it too high profile and I still believe that ABC 5 did a good job but they just had a low exposure and mileage. I also don’t find the idea of claiming to produce the FIRST Pinoy idol good; what do they call Mau who won the Philippine Idol? It sounds a little to rude for them to discredit the real first Philippine Idol just because they want to create a genuine brand to feed their arrogant share of what else, but ratings and fame. It’s also a downer to have Raymond Gutierrez as the host. Its not that I don’t see any talent in him but there are a lot better host out there who can do the job way better. I know that it’s too early to tell but it’s my prediction that Pinoy Idol will just be like other over rated talent search. I don’t find their judges too fascinating either.
Now shifting to the other network, PBB host Luis Manzano seems to have this noticeable lack of power in hosting. Toni Gonzaga still does the better job. I actually don’t find it too popular to put Luis on the show because we all know that a lot of those watching PBB stick to the show because of Toni.
Pinoy Idol and PBB are two big shows that are well-anticipated. I hope that they will live up to the expectations of the viewers and pleaseeee put some inch of quality.