Friday, March 28, 2008

PBB "uncut" teen Housemate

The house is getting exciting. A house mate just revealed that he still uncut at 18. Alex Anselmuccio from Italy, asked Big brother if he can be circumcised inside the house. A doctor came to explain that circumcision is merely cultural and hygienic, and that it does not concern anything medical. This of course was done to enlighten the mind of the Alex for him to realize that the operation is not a joke. We Filipinos engage in this procedure mainly because of hygiene and society call. We are very clean in our own skin so we are very particular with smell and appearance. It has been found that uncut people do have some unnecessary smell in that area. Now, I say society call because it is a universal principle in our country to have the operation done before Filipino boys reach their puberty age and not having it done can automatically turn you gay or a chicken.
Now, we can recall one incident during the PBB Teen Edition 1 wherein the boys called the attention of Big brother to discuss about their “kept desire” to do the kinky stuff young boys do whenever they are stimulated by some visual skin presentation or even some kinky thoughts. Okay, please don’t force me to spill out the term because I am soooo sure you know what Im talking about. Again, a medical expert came inside the house to explain that this “kept desire” of the boys is merely psychological and can be stopped by being passive about it and getting busy with other stuff.
Now, I did not say interesting because of the kinky stuff okay? The house became interesting because we can see real human dilemmas and feelings inside the house, and Big brother is just great to send realistic reciprocations to these events.