Monday, March 24, 2008

Pinoy Big Bang!

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus marked yet another saga of watching people put up their most efficient faces just to win the million or bag the most coveted chance of making it to the showbiz industry. I can’t help but see PBB as just another star search; you may say “yeah, probably!” The first time I saw the teaser for the very first season; I was really intrigued by how ordinary people can be seen on Philippine TV and have the chance to be a star. I thought that the show was worth our household electricity, until Celebrity edition and teen edition came into play. There it was, just like what I felt the first time that PBB is just like any other show that aims for ratings and bulks and bulks of advertisements. Okay, I know that it is really how Philippine TV goes, but please cut the crap of saying that they aim to change lives or help humanity or any other thing that’s merely superficial. This is how I see it- winners of this show are hot commodity; all eyes are laid on them, so there is really a big chance to earn great money out of advertising and of course, show ratings. My POV on this is that PBB has transformed into its real face of real purpose-to become a show that will be buzzed about which will eventually grow immense amount of profit.

Now, they put a plus on the teen edition- a house mate from DLSU and a housemate from ADMU. We know how die-hard people of these schools are when it comes to their undying rivalry; and this gives me the feeling that the show is aiming to get the attention of the higher profiled market. You know those people with greater buying power? Or let us just say greater power.
I just hope that the show will continue to help those unfortunate people, because this could be the only reason for them to gain some inch of substance.


Earvin said...

Medyo di nga ako nakaka-relate sa Teen housemates - kahit na ka-edad ko lang sila halos.

eli said...

i'm waiting for pinoy big brother blogger

the menace said...

ey eli, dat can be great. hahah
debate lang ggawin nung nga yun buong season hahaha

| B E N C H | said...

dennis, pag may blogger edition na, pasok ka ah.. :)

the menace said...

bench, papasok ako basta vote moko.hahah