Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spaghetti Sunday

One Sunday mass, I noticed an official of our church talking seriously with a woman carrying her baby in her spaghetti strap top ( with her bra straps noticeably revealed) and her tight tight (and another tight ) jeans. I assume that the officer was telling her to dress up a little discreet the next time. I actually have seen a lot of women wearing clothes resembling to the one I described earlier. Well, there are some men who came with not so decent looks too. I don’t aim to judge people by how they look, but it is church and we are supposed to have some respect when we go and attend the mass. It is said out loud by the social norms that people can judge you immediately by the way you look or dress up.
I can proudly say that my mom and I would always try to look our most decent every Sunday, not only because we want to feel good but because it is one of our ways to show how great of a deal it is to attend a Sunday mass for us.