Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday at F O R E X

Yesterday, my nanay and I went to the mall to sell some Riyal and dollars. The FOREX section of SM North Edsa looks a lot better and credible. It has been a long time since we did selling of foreign money because my Tatay, who works in a foreign land, decided to send us money through a door-to-door company that automatically changes dollar to peso. I also remember before that FOREX section is always crowded but now, it seems like many people like to keep their dollars now.
By the way, my tatay is in the country for a forty day vacation and he has two years left in work and he’s good to retire. We are still planning to a good treat for him and my nanay.
Do you have anything in mind? Share naman.


Dominic N said...

a trip to Sagada or Palawan would be great! Arranging ahead with the resort management to make special greetings when he arrives in the resort. making a personalized room (like cards all over the place that contains message from people close to your dad). there are more sweet ideas, this is it for this time.

the menace said...

whoah! dat sound good dominic. thanks ha