Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Remember Metrobank?

Just before the Holy week break, Metrobank experienced a wide failure of systems that paved way to the huge obstruction in their operations. It was a really a wide “stroke” in their operations because only deposit transactions are allowed. No ATM machine of Metrobank can produce money and over-the-counter transactions were forbidden. Many patrons were not delighted with this event. It was also in time for the pay day so many companies really had a “bad payday.” Aside from people who need cash from their ATMs, many people also needed money to bring with them in their out-of-town vacation.
Many prominent banks are out to grab the number 1 slot of Metrobank in the industry, so they should really be seriously careful. With this significant mishap, Can we still say that we’re in good hands?


VeRTiTO said...

yea, keep hitting them!