Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You’re ugly, you’re fired!

Hello everyone! Here I am again for another edition of the Bong Sumbong Chronicles. For this specific post, I would to talk about the discriminations in hiring employees here in the Philippines. It just so happened that I have this friend who applied for a somewhat prominent company that abruptly rejected her because of physical looks. Now, don’t get me wrong by thinking that I’m over exaggerating. I am aware of some industries that require pleasing physical looks- like being personnel in a clothing boutique. There are also some industries that will require some employees to have a face to face talk with big clients, and of course “pleasing personality” is necessary to win a conversation. These facts that I stated here are all acceptable, but what I am concerned about is if companies forget to have a solid requirements or criteria in choosing their men of work force. Say for example, a company that only hires graduates of selected schools, and if you were not too blessed with financial equipments and the dollar tongue, it’s a sore sorry for you dear. Now, discrimination goes beyond the physical attributes and educational preparations. Some companies even discriminate culture, religion and lifestyle (and by lifestyle, I mean sexual orientation.) Now, what the hell is wrong with the world with all of these?
Is the world really unfair? Or do we have to always be ready with a battle mode just to assert our equal rights and opportunities. I would always believe that having what we want in life will extract its fruits if we direct our energy within the portals of our suited destination (Now, I think that came out too vague). What I really want to say is to stop aspiring for things that can’t possibly be yours, and focus on things that show more promise within the boundaries of your capability. Just like what they always say; when its meant for you, it will find its way to you.


Abou said...

kelangan talaga nasa battle mode tayo sa buhay. lalo na if ur not blessed physically (likeme) kelangan full battle gear!

Janisha said...

Companies should not just look at the physical characteristics of their applicants..... I mean, if you are just in need of a programmer or a clerk.... What the heck is beauty needed for?

zherwin said...

i was never intimidated by ads looking for graduates from "reputable schools" i mean, if you know your capacity and you know you are qualified, why stop? lakasan yan ng loob.