Saturday, March 29, 2008

A dollar for A kilo of Rice?

It is being strongly predicted that rice can reach the price of Php 40.00 a kilo if the shortage will go on. Here in the Philippines, rice is a commodity that we certainly can’t live without. Not to put so much exaggeration, but rice is a staple part of our every meal. Some people even eat rice for snacks. We are also aware that a lot of our fellow could only afford to buy rice for a meal. Rice is a primal source of carbohydrate that can give human a potent kind of energy to do the many tasks of life. So we are basically screwed if rice will be priced as gold. Government is calling on people to refrain from hoarding rice supplies while the price is just right. They are also calling on people to start appreciating a meal without rice- you know like the American burger meal?
It is just ironic to think that this event can possibly take place in an agricultural country like the Philippines. I am hoping that nature can be good again and bring us its fruitful blessings. But, of course we have to do our own share for nature to reciprocate the gesture.


eli said...

eating without rice...imagine yourself holding a cellphone without a simcard. lol

the menace said...

nice figure of speech.