Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No Fad Please

It’s square.
It has multiple colors and it may vary.
It actually goes beyond colors now; it can be pictures, numbers or even a TV show.
It is perceived as an “intelligent” pastime. Before, only few people try to do it, but now I can see everyone holding it- in stores, schools, offices, trains, churches, malls, and yeah everywhere. I think that playing this “thingie” has become more of a fad. The sense of it being an “intelligent kiddo’s” game does not exist anymore. And did I mention that Im talking about the Rubix cube? Oh well, I am talking about it, and “who the who” is not talking about it anyways? Everyone is playing this thing and everyone has turned this thing into a fad and not a fascinating skill anymore- especially now that it’s a fact that there is a pattern in solving the Rubix Cube puzzle


Earvin said...

May mga kaklase ako na yan at yan na lang yung ginagawa. OK lang, nakakatuwang tignan. pero yung iba pasikat lang. Wehehehehehehe.