Friday, March 14, 2008

Breath in, Pay out.

Whoah ! Its been quite some time since my last post, and I am aware that I lost significant amount of readers- for this, I apologize. Well to compensate for my minor blogging hiatus, I will dish out some “worthy” read today. I would also like to challenge your thinking and “opinion machine.”
We know that food is need, and it is bought. Its oblivious to think that needs is supposedly easy to subscribe to but in reality it is a well-priced commodity. Rice is sold in market. Water is no longer safe so it is also commercialized. Some sorts of gases are also sold. It is also being predicted that time will come when a normal person would have to buy oxygen like it is sold like a bottled drinking water.
Now, is it practically telling us that the poor loses the right to live? If you have a weak buying power, will you just die because needs are way expensive? Will time come that earth is nothing but a commodity that is priced?
Will we soon hear “Oxygen for sale?”


Abou said...

hirap maging mahirap!