Tuesday, March 25, 2008

global warNing

Globe Advisory: Beware of text messages asking you to send an amount to 2+ 10-digit mobile number. Example: 500 to 29171234567. This is the procedure of sending a LOAD via SHARE-A-LOAD. If you’ll send load, make sure that you send it to known numbers only. For info on Share-A-Load, text HELP to 2916, P1/text. Thank you.

I’m sure many of us received this advisory. This only tells us that a lot of people out there will really do all things possible just to create a scam and earn in any way possible. I know that its lame for someone to actually follow the instruction of the text because it is prominent to be known as the Share a load process, but this I think is a “case-to-case” basis. So, just be vigilant everyone and always make sure that you are conversing in a mobile mode only to people you know.
photo from: scams.wikispaces.com


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Carnation said...

hello menace, ok lang ... it was an honest mistake, i think. nice ang blog mo!

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| B E N C H | said...

hehe.. true.. desperate people!!!