Saturday, March 1, 2008

"Moderate the Greed"

Among the rumbles, crumbes and mumbles of bumble bee, oh I mean of our government issues, one outstanding ( a lot of pun intended) line caught my ever receptive attention --

"Moderate the Greed."

Now, we don't need to be intrigued by "who the who" said this. And I need not drop names too, because I don't know "who the who" said it too. All that I am aiming for is to somehow elaborate on how greed can be moderated? Greed in my own "brain processing" is an act of wanting, aiming and owning things or anything (be it tangible or intangible) in an ample amount or an overly massive content that is beyond what is proper and acceptable as dictated by the natural norms of human sense. Whoah! can you just imagine the works of Webster in defining everything? Now, does giving moderation to greed means getting holy or good? Or, in the first place, can greed be really moderated?

Is this a laughing stuff?
Am I just exerting too much thinking to what is deemed insignificant?
Please don't laugh at me.