Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I was surprised while walking on the sidewalks by running vendors with their “vending paraphernalia” and their faces painted with fear and uncertainty. Aha! MMDA people with their queer uniforms trying to catch and beat the sidewalk vendors. I had a hard time passing through because I have to save myself from possibly getting hurt. This is quite a scene, but it became a normal drama now I’d say.
With this event, I came to reason between reasons. These vendors do not hold proper permit to sell their products in the street. Selling products on the street is not proper itself. MMDA people are just doing their job to prevent any predicament on the roads of the Metro, but do they have to hurt people and destroy their products? We all know that every business entails some money to put up with.
Now, who holds the right reason? The vendors who just want to make some living or the MMDA people who happen to have diminishing these vendors as their job?