Thursday, March 6, 2008

I am not Plastic

Plastic has been a hot issue here in the Philippines. More and more people are getting aware of the fact that the garbage count on earth is becoming severe as time goes by. A lot of nature advocates have been researching towards finally crafting the best solution to combat pollution and too much waste. A lot of us are aware of the “I am not plastic” campaign supported by large companies like SM and Ayala Malls. The campaign aims to promote the use of non-plastic materials as shopping bags like cloth or paper. To better execute the campaign, the strategy was done in a very fashionable way- shopping with class while saving Mother Nature. I’d say it is in deed a brilliant idea. We all know that once a plastic material cam into being, it will forever stay unless it is burned. We know that burning plastic materials will cause the production of elements that can possibly deplete the ozone layer, our protection against direct ultra violet rays. So, no matter how usable a plastic thing is, it is still a major environment and health hazard.
So, we all say Kudos to those influential companies who take part on this massive battle against pollution and environment hazard. One big lift for you guys!