Monday, March 31, 2008

Lotto jackpot lands in one pocket

For the past few weeks, I was really wondering why people are lining up in lotto outlets everywhere. It’s like a movie premier of Harry Potter everywhere because of long lines of people holding their six digits secret combinations. I heard from the news that the jackpot prize is over P200, 000,000.00. Whoah! Who would not line up for that? I actually had the urge to line up too. I never joined the Lotto before, but I was really attracted to the prize.
Now, here’s a bummer that I know many people already know; one person took home the jackpot prize of P 249,005,120.40! Yes, an individual! Just one person won the jackpot prize. It’s a real luck I’d say, but I have to admit that I am so dying with envy. The winner is from Luzon area but of course his whole identity will not be revealed (oh well, at least not yet.) I remember that the last time Lotto dished out this big amount of jackpot dates back to October 2002 with over P200M too. The jackpot during that time was shared by many people so we say the latest jackpot winner is so much luckier.
We all know that Lotto helps a lot of people who are in need but we still have to remember that a game of chance is still forbidden by our religious beliefs so everything shall still be kept in good moderation. Like we all know, money out of hard labor is still the sweetest fruit.
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the donG said...

I agree. money from hard work is the best. you value it more and you use it wisely.