Sunday, March 30, 2008

The New Face of Failure

I don’t know but lately I’m having this feeling that time is sweeping me away so fast. It’s like I’m staying too stagnant and just letting time fly without doing things that I need or want to do. Take this for an example, I’m planning to take a higher degree of education but I can’t seem to have the will to go to my college and process my graduation documents. I want to enroll my self in a writing class that can provide me with more up-to-date knowledge on my field so that I can do better with my job and here in my blog. I am also planning to do some physical improvements like going to the gym or doing a water therapy for better skin hydration. I am planning to open a new bank account to secure the money that I am keeping to some place I refuse to divulge about. (Long sigh…) There are a lot of things that I can’t seem to accomplish or even start with. These thoughts are dragging me and making me fell like time is on scarcity and I might be left a loser and nothing. Having this blog is actually a great achievement for me and I aim to keep the passion burning so that I’ll keep on writing and writing more.
I know that what I’m writing now is not too light for a Sunday, but it’s quite good to put your feelings into writing. Doing this gives me a clear perspective of where I am right now. By learning my real situation gives me the idea of having the urgency to plan and put everything into order. I don’t really live like a well-kept drawer but I also want to have a mature take on my life, now.


ponchong said...

thanks for convincing abou..nakitambay lang.

Abou said...

let's not spend so much time worrying. life may be about accomplishments but it's also about smelling the flowers, enjoying the sunshine. Naks, he he. one plan at a time, who knows, we'll get there sooner than we thought.

Makoy said...

ei i have tagged you!