Monday, March 17, 2008

A day of Nostalgia

This weekend was really nostalgic. I had the surreal moment of reuniting with my college friends last Saturday and with my high school friends last Sunday. It is like being a student again. I am way past the stage of having a hard time saying goodbye to the “easy breezy” life of a student, but I just can’t help but miss those times. Last Saturday marked the 17th ADCLASH. April and I, with Joseph (another PUP alumni) hosted the event and it was indeed an honor to do so. ADCLASH is one of the college moments that has become a staple element of the person that I am now. It made me realize the strengths in me and of course, it gave us the opportunity as a class to show that friendship and strong affiliation to each other can bring good fruits. My section (BAPR 4-2n) was the champion of the 16th ADCLASH, and we will always celebrate this achievement for it was a fruit of hard labor and genuine bond.
Now, Sunday was another great day because one of my high school friends celebrated her licensure achievement on the Nursing Board exam. A lot of my high school friends already passed the board but it was unfortunate that I have only attended one celebration. Needless to elaborate, it was a night of drinks and catching up done in a very crazy passion.
Friends for me are my consoling department. They are my back-up support. When everything goes wrong and when nobody cares, they are sure to be there holding your torch and cheering you on. And these things are exception to what family can dish out.