Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Gay Ruffa Gutierrez

It has been talked about by so many people and I must admit that I agree when people say that Ruffa Gutierrez has the voice that resembles a gay guy. Well, she actually admits it herself. I remember this one episode of the showbiz oriented show “the Buzz” wherein she reacted on the comments about her “gay” voice. According to Ruffa, it is true that she sounds a little gay, but nevertheless is she ashamed of it. She also added that she has a lot of gay friends and that she loves gay people. There are a lot of good looking female celebrities in the Philippines that will really knock you off your feet; the problem occurs though when they start to talk and sound a little nonsense or when their voice sounds a little too “manly”. Well, as the society say, good looking people can always get away with any predicament just because they are pleasing to the eye. This principle I think is so prevalent especially in the world of “showbizness”; because this domain will really deceive you to mere aesthetics and physical looks



rmacapobre said...

sounds like you are homophobic?

the menace said...

no, im not.