Tuesday, May 6, 2008

That One Person

Have you ever had this experience of having “that one person”? In a day, this person will give you the reason to get up and thrive through the get-go and simply defy anything that might bring you down. That one person makes you go up and down jumping whenever you receive a text message even if you are so aware that it was mass sent and you are just one of the many people on the group list. Still, every time your phone beeps, you will always wish that the message is from that one person. You rarely spend time with this one person but it’s always euphoric and surreal every time you have the opportunity to do so. You always have that thinking of making the most of that tiny time because you’ll never know when it will happen again. You do things for that one person that can sometimes eat up much of your time or even sweat your skin out; but still you do it without any stress at all because you are always happy to be of help. That one person can ignore you. That one person can live without you. That one person can even live happier without you; but you still nurse the feeling of treating the person as “that one special person.” You never want to get any special gesture from that person because you are contented with simple and friendly exchange of words. This one person can sometimes get you out of logic and break you down knowing that this one person will never treat you special too.

That person will never look the same direction as you do. That one person will never talk the same language as you do. That one person shall never know you feel this way because that one person will never have you as “that one person “.


B E N C H said...

my gosh... i can really relate to this post... sometimes, it is so difficult to understand what your heart wants. while your mind tells you which is worng and which is right, your emotions overcome your rationalization. it's crazy... :)

ELEY said...

naks naman denis!!! wohooo