Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Green mango Saturday

After office last Saturday, I went out with a friend to watch “What happens in Vegas” at Robinson’s Galleria. The movie was really funny though the plot was not that impressive. The story is light so I liked it. I am really a fan of light comedy/ romantic movies. Oh well, to give a gist about the movie here’s how it went- it’s about two people (Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher) both on the bridge of having fall-out lives. To get away from their individual dilemmas, they both went in Las Vegas. The actual rock in roll of the story was when they both checked-in at a single suite. The lead characters practically hated each other, but after a night of booze they ended up getting married. Because they are so not into each other, they decided to get a divorce but hitting a $3M jackpot in Vegas paved the way for them to build a so-called marriage. The judge attending their divorce froze the money and commanded them to go on marriage therapy. After many attempts of breaking each others morale, the lead characters ended up loving each other.

Forgive me, I’m not really into making movie reviews. Anyhow, after the movie my friend and I went to have a food trip. The Galleria food court is filled with different choices. I’m glad to find cheap food like Hongkong style noodles and The Mango Farm’s Green Mango Shake.
It was a fun Saturday getaway but the rain spoiled my way home plus somebody made me sad pa. (Sigh Sigh)



I haven't seen this yet. You already told me the story so I'll just wait for it's DVD.


B E N C H said...

it's a good thing i read this blog after i watched the movie.. i watched it with my friends - arjay and gia - in trinoma..

hmmm.. green mango shake, i don't like it.. i like yellow mango shake (ripe mango shake), hehe.. and i don't like it with milk.. i like it pure, maybe with a little syrup and sugar to please my tastebuds.. :)

saturday night.. sad.. hmm.. i think i know why..