Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good looks,Bad Character

Yes, this is another bus ride experience that I will rant about.
I am a frequent bus rider and it always exposes me to different kinds and sizes (ohhh sizes) of people. We all know that the general population of our country is commuters. Alongside the yo-yo price of gasoline, even private car owners are joining the mass crowd of jeepney and cab riders. Alright, let me start my rant now before I do away from it and discuss the Barbara Walters issue. It’s like this: On my way home, I took a bus ( a very nice bus by the way) wherein I was seated comfortably. Minutes passed and the bus was filled with fellow commuters. A pretty lady in skirt stood on my spot but I didn’t offer my seat because again, my principle is to give my seat only to those old fellows and pregnant women. A relatively old lady then went close to my spot carrying an obviously heavy bag. I signaled to her to take my seat then, I went up on my feet and find a good bar to hold on to. To my surprise, the old lady was still standing and the girl in skirt took my seat. I found it so rude knowing that she was aware that I offered the seat to the old lady. This girl in skirt remained comfortably seated with head not moving at all. Arrogant B****!
Yeah, there goes the fact that she looks pleasant but it does not give her the right to be rude or opportunistic. It has been to prevalent in the society today for good-looking people to get away with anything easily. I know no double standard and I only know equality. Good thing that I remembered being a professional now with my college degree; if not I might have forgotten my high respect for women.


acey said...

tsk, tsk... sayang ang beauty nya.


happy mother's day to your mom!!!

B E N C H said...

bad girl...